05 March 2011

Graduation Weekend | See, I Learnt Sumthing!

Ok...it's not really graduation weekend. Technically I finished my degree back in early December. But today I went to the post office to pick up the piece of paper to prove it. I didn't walk upon completion of my degree. Most people have disapproved of this, but I genuinely had no desire to. I wanted to be done the second I walked out of my last exam, not a week later as I walked off a stage. 

So today, as I walked across the sticky tile floor of the U.S. post office, I graduated. I really wanted to shake the post lady's hand, but I resisted.

I was startled to find that my degree program was not printed. But the more I  think of it, the happier I am. Now I can make up whatever I want. Now, when asked what I degree I earned I can say something related to civil or nuclear engineering, or foreign affairs. In all reality the career opportunities really open up for me this way.

John and I also had a good chuckle when we saw I graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE! Wow...me? There must be a misprint. If I would have known that I would have walked so everyone would know how smart I am! In the two years I studied at UCF I couldn't keep my GPA above 2.5. I guess there's a lot to be said for switching schools mid-degree.

So there you have it, proof I got myself learned. "Proof" I got a B.A in Biomedical Sciences. And proof I know how to fudge my true GPA.

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