23 November 2011

10 Ways to Keep the Peace This Thanksgiving

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Here we are. On the eve of one of our favorite days of the year. A day full of travel from far and wide, delicious foods tempting our gluttony, and the inevitable volcano that erupts when locked in tight quarters with people you're supposed to love. And you do love them, you just can't live with them, right?

Well, you're in luck today! Because I'm here to share my 10 Ways to Keep the Peace. I hope they bring a smile to your face...and maybe even help you get through the holidays a bit smoother...

Tip #1- Embrace the art of avoidance. Sure, a trained professional would tell you that the quickest way to healing is to "get it all out in the open." These people clearly have not met your family...

Tip #2- Do not, I repeat, DO NOT discuss politics unless you are sure everyone sides with you.

Tip #3-  Keep some candy in your pockets. When those brats you call nephews start to terrorize you in your Lazy Boy candy will be the cure.

Tip#4-  Pass out little bites of turkey every hour or so. The triptopan will act as a sedative. A sedate family is a happy family.

Tip #5- Keep some jokes up your sleeve. When someone at the table lets loose a Freudian slip and the table has gone silent a quick joke will bring everyone back to speed (and effectively activate tip #1).

                                                                                            Source: ks-waiting.blogspot.com via Beth on Pinterest

Tip #6- Keep an open mind. So your brother brought the flavor of the week home to bum some turkey from your table? Instead of giving him a piece of your mind, take some time and get to know her.

Tip #7- Reminisce. When things get awkward, harkening back to the old days will bring everyone back to what matters and remind them that under it all, you're still family.

Tip #8- Alcohol.

Tip #9- Games. You can't get angry when you're having fun.

Tip #10-  In all seriousness...cherish the time you have. You never know if someone could be missing from the table next year. Your time together is valuable. So soak it all up and enjoy the good times and the crazy ones!

Question of the Day:
How do you handle the stress the holidays inevitably bring?

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