12 December 2011

A (Not Quite) Weekend Update

Hey Folks-

It's Monday. (Booo!) And not only that....it's raining. I'm not a happy camper. I like to start my week out with crisp weather, sun streaming in my window, with my "good morning!" smoothie in my hand. While I did have a smoothie in my hand this morning, I also had an umbrella. The two cancel each other out as far as I'm concerned. 

I've been a really bad blogger this weekend. I didn't take a single picture! Here's some of what we did:

1. Friday night we had a Harry Potter 7, part 2 dinner party with friends. It involved sangria and vegan rum cake. We were all very delighted.

2. Saturday morning with Iranian friends. Our friend Ali made a traditional Iranian breakfast of a bread called Barbari and cheese and jam. I'll be doing a post this week on it. Here's what the bread looks like...


3. Saturday day we got all our Christmas shopping done.

4. Saturday night we went to an "O Christmas Plant" party for plant-based food enthusiasts. Showed up knowing only the hosts but left with many new friends.

5. A great service at church Sunday morning about what it really means to "go home" and where our home really is for believers...in Heaven. I needed that reminder!

6. Sunday day, a lovely lunch with two of our financial supporters catching up on the past few weeks and getting to know them better.

Question of the Day:
How do you do in a crowded room of strangers? Is it exhilarating, or intimidating?

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