23 February 2011

Getting My Butt Kicked

New kicks (is that word still "in?")

We started a new workout program. Well, to say "new" may be misleading. It's not like we had a workout program before. We did if you call setting the alarm for 5:45am to work out and then pushing the snooze button every 10 minutes until 7:00am a program.

Anyways, we were tired of our sluggish bodies, and after finding Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD on Amazon for $6 I thought, "why not?" 

Hmm, why not? Well, for starters just 2 days in and you're unable to take stairs, bend over to get something you dropped, sit comfortably on the toilet or lift your arms above shoulder height without wincing. Also, your muscles get so swole (that's right....SWOLE) that pants formally fitting for work now look like you're ready for street corner. 

I know that all these things are signs that it is working. But it hurts. It hurts like the freaking dickens. The only thing motivating me right now are my new shoes. We got them at the outlet at major discount and they fit so well. It wasn't until I found these that I realized what a good show is supposed to do for you. So the alarm hits at 5:45am, I look down at my sneaks and say "oh, I want to wear you today." It works. 

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