12 February 2011

Moroccan Paintings

While honeymooning in Morocco back in October we set aside a decent chunk of change to invest in a couple pieces of art. John and I have an extreme love for art. I majored in art history for two years in college and he's developed some fine art sensibility spending time with me. I'm pretty sure God has purposefully kept our income modest so we won't blow it on some messy Pollock painting...that and overpriced cheese.

Anyway, we saved, and planned to blow it on a piece we would find in Morocco. The only thing better than a great piece of art is a great piece of art from a culture you've fallen in love with. Last month we were able to finally afford to get two of the three we bought stretched. I couldn't not show them to you all. They are my babies and they are a constant reminder of a beautiful vacation spent with a beautiful people.

By El Bakkar. (4' x 2.5')

By El Bakkar. (3.5' x 2')

The blue painting is so vibrant in color. I wish the camera could capture it. The paintings were hung in a market hanut (shop) in Fes. Because of the open-air environment both have experienced cracking here and there. It really adds something to their texture, and their story. Both are signed by "El Bakkar." I have no idea who this man is. But I think about him often. I wonder where he lives...is he Berber? Does he have a family? Where did he learn to paint? If you know anything about the whereabouts of the mysterious El Bakkar, contact me immediately!  

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  1. Hannah, I love those paintings. I try to collect art overseas too. I didn't know you studied art history. And I didn't know you had this blog. Obviously there are a lot of things I didn't know about you:-)