25 March 2011

Discovering Culture in Fashion

It's not often that I write about fashion on here. The closest I have come to doing so was to show you the skirt I had made a month ago and I'm under no illusions that it qualifies. It is certainly cute, and certainly something you can wear on your body, but a far cry from "fashion" to be sure.  

This video, however, struck me. Not only because I enjoy gobbling up anything featured on The Sartorialist, but also because I felt it made an interesting connection to culture. In the last 3 minutes of the video he mentioned that by capturing street fashion on film, it allowed the moment, the trend, the culture at that moment to live forever. It got me to thinking, is fashion really that much a judge of culture? And if so, what are we saying about our culture through our fashion trends? Is fashion a product of changing culture, or vice versa? Basically, the chicken and egg dilemma.

I don't know the answer, but I would love to hear some feedback about what you think of the above video, and about fashion as culture. Let's get a little discussion going.

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