07 March 2011


Copyright All rights reserved by Randy P. Martin

I found a link to Randy Martin's photostream here and instantly fell in love. If ever there was a cure for wanderlust, one that could be administered without leaving your office chair, this is it. Well, I don't know if it is a cure. Flicking through the pictures I felt as if I was shooting heroin- a temporary alleviation that, after wearing off, only makes you ravenous for more.

Copyright All rights reserved by Randy P. Martin

It's Spring Break here in Orlando. Here I sit at my desk, begrudgeoned, looking at pictures of other people traveling...not being bothered  by phones or people walking in because our clientele is also out on vacation. But thank God for these pictures. They are a little something to get me through today. As I click through them I wander off to another time and another life.

It works for today. And one can only hope that come tomorrow, I've found another fascinating thing to pass the time. One can hope...

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