13 March 2011

Weekend Update | March 13, 2011

Since my husband has been away all week in Dallas my mom came to visit so we could have a "girls only" weekend. We had a wonderful time and covered a lot of ground in just to short days. My mom is my best friend and I always love having her up here to knock around with. Here's some pictures from our weekend...

Morning tea on the patio.

Newly planted mandevilla , me with no makeup, and lollicup boba tea in background (yum!)

Newly planted caladiums...a gift from my mother's friend.

My first orchid. My mom got this for me as a gift when we visited our local Asian market. Thanks mom!

One of my dearest friends got hitched this weekend! Isn't she lovely?

My friends and I at the reception. I finally got to meet my Facebook friend, L (center), in real life! Always fun. :-) 

Our friend the Duck. We met him this morning on the way in to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. Cute, no?

I just whipped up a cherry pie and some wheat berry salad in preparation for the week and as homecoming gifts for my love whose been gone all weekend. I can't wait to see him! Just one hour to go...

What did you do this weekend?

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