20 June 2011

Weekend Update| June 19, 2011

This weekend our friend Chris came up to stay with us all the way from Miami. Chris was John's best man at our wedding, and we haven't seen him since that day. It's been 8 months! So it was me and two men, which meant cooking up a LOT of food!

Dutch baby.

The prefect breakfast before hours of racquetball.

It was great to hang out with him and talk. We all go a long ways back and it's so much fun to catch up on life. He loves economics and taught it in China for 2 years before heading back to the states. He is now working on his first economics book (so proud!) To celebrate his time in China we went out to our favorite Chinese noodle house with him. They make the best pan-fried noodles and serve a traditional Hong Kong boba milk tea.


Pan-fried noodle with shrimp and pork.

On Sunday we went to church and Chris headed out from there so that John and I could get back to the house and prepare a meal for my dad for Father's Day. He, my step-mom, and my step-sister came over for the first time since we've lived in our place. It was fun for us to finally show them the home we've set up together and to cook for them. I made this recipe, only in shells instead of canneloni. The recipe is to die for, I'm now wishing I took pictures. I made Iranian Rolette for dessert, along with Persian tea.

You're thinking, it was Father's Day, why are you opening presents? Does your dad give you presents to thank you for being his daughter or something? No, no. It was my birthday last month, and we finally got together to celebrate a little even though it was Dad's day. They got me two lovely dishes to go along with the red Emile Henry ruffled pie dish I have. Aren't they beautiful?


I had a great time hanging out with my dad. I really enjoy his company and he makes me laugh so hard. John and I were actually sitting on the porch yesterday evening talking about how contagious my dad's laughter is. If he's laughing, you will be laughing. Even if you have no idea what is so funny.

Me and my dad

My dad and I go way back. He actually birthed me (well, assisted in the birthing.) He was the first person I ever saw in life. We have a similar love of music and philosophical and theological discussions. We both love the mountains and both love to laugh. We are both foodies. My dad even more so, I think. He taught me everything I know about wine and cheese. My dad is the BBQ master, and a darn good sauce maker. He's a motivational speaker by day and an absolute comedian by night. Pretty much...he's a blast to be around!

Oh, and we both love making stupid faces. Happy Father's day dad!

What did you do for Father's Day?


  1. Ha ha ha ! I love the silly pic! Soooo cute. Fathers day is so much fun!

  2. That breakfast looks delish!

    Lounged by the pool and BBQed at my parents for FD - enjoying a great summer day!


  3. Your silly picture with your dad cracked me up lady!! :) Way too funny. :)

    Happy Monday.


  4. I want the recipe for that "perfect breakfast!"

  5. such cute photos of you and your dad! that dutch baby looks delicious too...i would love to be eating that for breakfast right now!

  6. ohhhhh the foods you eat girl... makes me sooo hungry!!!!

    you and your dad are ADORABLE!!! happy father's day to him!!!

  7. Awww! It looks like a fun weekend. It seems like you have a great relationship with your Dad, which is awesome! :)

  8. dutch baby - yum!! that photo of you & your pops is super cute :-)

  9. I love dutch baby...although my family calls it something different. Love your funny faces...very cute.

  10. What a fantastic weekend! Great pictures with your Dad!

  11. Yum the food is making me hungry! :) And those photos with your dad are awesome!

  12. looks like a lovely weekend! Happy belated birthday! p.s. I'm still dreaming about the first photos ;)

  13. "My dad and I go way back." gotta chuckle out of that one.

    and i don't know what a dutch baby is, but i'm pretty sure i'd eat it.

  14. Hi Hannh, just came across your blog and love it! I used to teach Cross Cultural psychology at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji but now live between Australia, New Zealand and Fiji! Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  15. loooovee dutch baby pancakes! So good and so easy!

  16. Ok that Dutch Baby looks so so delicious! I want that now! And so do the noodles...yum!

  17. Hannah: you make the most beautiful looking food :) I am soo craving a leisurely weekend breakfast right now... *Drool*

    It sounds like your weekend was a really good one! It's great that you got to spend time with your Dad this weekend, and you wrote such a nice tribute to him. He looks like such a wonderfully kind person... someone that everyone loves to be around!

    We had a wonderful weekend, but unfortunately, we didn't end up seeing wither of our Dads... We're looking forward to connecting with both of them sometime this week <3

  18. You ate well this weekend!! Looks like you had a great time with your dad.

  19. Never heard of Dutch Baby before, looks like a Yorkshire pudding. You don't put fruit on them, they go with a roast beef dinner.

  20. haha, i love the stupid faces picture!!! too funny!