17 November 2011

A Crafty Christmas

So, you know I promised Indiana pictures this week, right? And I'm sure you have figured out that I've been procrastinating the post this whole week, too. It's another one of those days. Last night, I really did have big plans to finally finish editing and uploading my pictures. But then we started watching a Modern Family episode and that turned into an Office episode followed by laughing over clips of An Idiot Abroad and finishing up with our favorite show- Cheers!

Instead, I wanted to share some interesting craft projects I've found while knocking around on Pinterest. These crafts are perfect for the holidays, and I have plans to bring a few into fruition.

                                                                   Source: thepartystudio.wordpress.com via Hannah on Pinterest

I love these for Christmas goodie bags. Just swap out the tag with a "Merry Christmas!" and you've got yourself a sweet little gift!

                                                              Source: tinyapartmentcrafts.blogspot.com via Hannah on Pinterest

The awesomeness of this ornament really needs no explanation. I've watched all the movies, and am now on book three of the Harry Potter series and I'm thinking of making this ornament as a gift to myself this year. (And maybe a few others for the serious fans I know...)

                                                                        Source: goodhousekeeping.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Here's another sweet ornament idea! I think you could have a lot of fun with this. You can stick with the traditional fabrics, find a pretty sheer golden toole, or even find some funky Dr. Seuss style fabric to bring a little How the Grinch Stole Christmas into your Christmas tree.

                                                                   Source: deliacreates.blogspot.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Here's another great gift idea for people on a budget (like me). It's perfect for that special someone who values going green and who loves shopping for their fruits and veggies! Aren't these fun? I would feel so cool checking out with these bad boys.

                                                              Source: junkgardengirl.blogspot.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, here's a great idea for a DIY garland. Maybe you're a SERIOUS crafter and, unlike me, you already have miles and miles of mis-matched ribbon laying around. Here's a great way to put it to use and bring some holiday cheer into your home. This is on my to-do list as it's easier to store than fake greenery type garland and is probably a bit cheaper too!

Question of the Day:
When it comes to Christmas presents, do you buy your gifts or make them yourself?

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