05 January 2012

Accomplishment for the New Year

"Resolutions" always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Mostly because we go into them half heartedly...the very word means that we have resolved to...or we are resolute in our thinking. But I find that most often we come up with a list of things we "wish" we could have in a perfect world and kind of mosy along to try and prove we can make them a reality. Not much resoluteness there.
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"Goals" is a good word. Here we have not only wished something, but we have set up a method with which we will accomplish them. We know what we want in life, and we set it in our sights and create steps to achieve them. This is a great plan, but even the term "goals" has kind of worn itself out...

This year I have a list of "accomplishments." You might think it is kind of strange to credit yourself for things that haven't happened yet, but I feel like if I already create the award for myself, all I have to do is achieve and accept it (and maybe make a lengthy speech) and then I will have done something great...I've already set myself up for success.

This year I will accomplish:

1. Running a 5k in February without walking.
2. Running a 15k in September for the first time.
3. Complete my graduate certificate in TEFL.
4. Complete my CPM training (Church Planting Movement).
5. Learn to seize the moments that I have alone when John is traveling instead of dreading those times.

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Let's talk about accomplishment #1 today. Last year I started running and ran/walked my first 5k in September of 2011. It felt so great to accomplish that goal, but I really wanted to strive for excellence and signed up for another one in February so I could push myself to run the whole thing.

For Christmas we bought ourselves some actual running shoes. I've been running in Nike cross-trainers. And though they are great for cross-training, running is a whole different story. We put down the cash and made an investment in our feet and in our new hobby. I'll be using these bad boys to train for my races this year! :)

In February I'll be running this race...only the 5k, not the marathon...

We are super excited. We will be running this one with my mom and step-dad, David. It's going to be such a fun time and a great way to build us up as a family. I can't wait to share with you how I accomplish this goal and prove to myself that I AM A RUNNER and that the hard work does pay off!

Question of the Day:
What stops you from reaching your goals? Is it the semantics?

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