25 February 2011

Slowing Down the Weekend

Foreleg of a Male Diving Beetle (Microphoto by Spike Walker)

In keeping with yesterday's topic, I pre-determined my upcoming weekend to be lived in slow motion. Lately I have noticed that my weekends fly by even faster than my weeks. I've thought about it all sorts of ways and have come to the conclusion that it is all my fault. I'm just not taking the time to savor the moments. 

Saturday morning I will make a cup of Moroccan mint tea and sit on my porch.

Inspired by the above photo, I will spend some time with my plants. Noticing their details, and singing to them (I learned that from a study done years ago and from this joke song included in an old Audio Adrenaline CD.)

Head to the coast and plant my bum in the sand. I'm bringing along my book A Hundred and One Days so i can finally take a big chunk out of it. (Wonderful book, by the way. Read synopsis here.)

Saturday always ends at the produce market. This is one of our favorite weekend rituals. We spend forever smelling each fruit and fondling each vegetable. There's something about being surrounded by fresh produce (the kind still covered in dirt) that really helps you slow down.

Sunday we go to church and if I'm feeling froggy, perhaps I'll make a big Sunday meal. Sometimes the best way to stay slow is to leave your calendar open, though.

What are you doing this weekend?

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