03 April 2011

Weekend Update| April 3, 2011

We made it back to Orlando after a super fun weekend in Daytona with the family. It is good to be back in the comfort of our home, but we sure do miss our family already. Thankfully we will be seeing them tomorrow and Tuesday night as well. What a treat!

The resort we stayed in was a little shady, but comfortable. Shady as in blaring club music on the beach patio till 12:30 a.m. and selling $1 Jell-O shots at 1 p.m. kind of shady. (Seriously, who does Jell-O shots with their lunch?) It had everything we needed for a good time though, a nice pool, beach front access and enough beds in the suite for us all to crash after a long and sunny day.

Here's some pictures from our time there. As I may have mentioned before, John's younger brother and sister were adopted from China (although, they are not related by blood). So if you're wondering what this group of whiteys is doing with two adorable Asian kids that should explain it. This is clear without me having said so, but these kids are absolutely beautiful, and cute to boot. We love them with all our hearts and without them our family would be incomplete.

Mei-Leigh and I playing Jenga. Don't let her fool you. She's the Jenga master.

Jin-Tao played the game one handed, keeping a kung-fu grip on that apple.

The tower fell!

My husband dug a hole...

And put Mei-Leigh in it.

Jin-Tao lining up a shot for ladder-ball.

Such form!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. I can't believe that it is already over and I'm hours away from another work week. Why does time have to fly so fast when you're having fun? Better get back to work preparing for Monday. Coming up tomorrow....White Texas Sheet Cake!


  1. John's brother & sister are adorable! Glad your weekend was such a good one! Luckily, even though the good times seem to fly faster than 'ordinary days', the memories last infinitely longer :)

  2. looks like you guys had an absolute blast :-) the kiddies are super adorable!

  3. oh my goodness! they are so adorable. i miss the beach. i need a trip out to visit my mom & brother in california.