10 February 2011

In My Own Little Corner

Caught, red handed...
The other day, I read about a growing American trend- bathroom parties. Why of course! What better place to entertain but the loo, right? Apparently American homes have become so rich and lavish that bathrooms, originally intended for private use are more like spas where people can gather and relax.

I’m not one to judge, but I was always of the notion that the kitchen is the hub of the hang out. When I’m at my family’s home everyone congregates in the kitchen. I couldn’t imagine a better place. My mom was always concocting something amazing and we, the hungry household, would loiter like fruit flies, waiting for the meal to be plated.

My husband and I have the same mentality. Though it is just us, we also congregate there to catch up on our day and discuss recent events. And as my mother’s kitchen skills became my own I began to have someone standing over my shoulder as food was prepared.

Now, I take this kitchen thing quite seriously. Though we both hang out there I consider the room to be my own. Things have their own spot, and I’ve created my own rhythm. Lately John has noticed that I take to doing much of my daily life in there. A girl has to multi-task! Cooking can be a very time-intensive process, and so I adapt many of my other routines to my itty bitty galley kitchen.

What room have you made completely your own?


  1. Julianna's room...yup...it's the only one that is organized.

  2. you are adorable!!

    i made the sewing room my own..converted it into my mini office with my computer. its now my zen den/ happy oasis :)