24 February 2011

Lessons From the Spanish

Chocolate Con Churros

Ah, España. Today I miss the pace of life there. I miss the rhythm of the crosswalks, the smell of street food and the clinking of spoons in café con leche. There's something so different, so opposite the pace here in America.

On a day trip to Granada my husband and I walked up the narrow streets of the Albayzín to get a good overlook of the Alhambra. We sat in the square taking in the view, surrounded by gypsies strumming violently on their guitars- their long jet-black hair blowing around in the wind. We lost track of time.

Next thing we knew, our bus was close to leaving and we were still lost in the narrow streets where no taxi could go. Hungry from walking we hurried into a local café for some "take out" for the road. There we stood, panting; surrounded by men sipping wine and smoking cigarettes.

        John: *out of breath* Do you have take out?
        Bartender: *laughing* No take out.
        John: But we're in a hurry. 
        Patron: *grabs John by the shoulders* There's no "fast food" here.
        Bartender: Slow down.

Lesson learned. The next day back in Malaga we took their advice and slowed way down. The morning was spent at Café Central where we drank fresh squeezed orange juice, a croissant, and churros con chocolate. We sat hand in hand, both chairs pointed to the street for hours. After that we strolled along the beach and found a restaurant on the sand that served fresh fish. It was the best meal of my life. After a hefty dinner of paella, gelato, and one too many glasses of sangria we went to our hostal and curled up in bed.

Life in slow motion is so much richer. I know that life in America can be fast-paced, high demand, and no nonsense. But just stop. Stop to listen, smell, see, and think. Take a minute to notice your surroundings and the beauty of your people. Life moves fast, and in America it is just too easy to miss.

What are you doing to slow down this week?


  1. Amen!! Very very true. I'm dying to go to Spain. I love the food. I have many many friends from different parts of Spain and they just light the fire for me to go even more with their cooking and stories. Soon.

    Great post!!

    Stopping by from Storytellers Hop

  2. Stopping by from Storytellers. That sounds lovely...my parents were there in the spring and they loved it!

  3. Love this post! Thanks so much for linking up to the hop this weekend, really was happy to have ya!