07 March 2011

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake

1 box Devil's Food cake mix (without pudding in the mix)
1 small box instant chocolate pudding
8oz container fat-free sour cream
8oz egg beaters
4 Tbsp instant coffee or espresso
3/4 cup + 1 Tbsp warm water
3 Tbsp oil
1/2 chocolate chips

-Preheat oven to 350. Grease and flour bundt pan.
-Mix together all ingredients but the chocolate chips. The batter will be pretty thick. Fold in chocolate chips. c
-Bake for 45 minutes-1 hour, or until knife comes out mostly clean. Enjoy!


  1. yuummmm. I have been wanting to make one of these but knowing my luck Piper would ruin it before anyone could eat it!

  2. It is my favorite recipe. It is so rich and delicious. Get a cake stand...it'll keep that little booger out, guaranteed!

    He's so cute by the way. I've wanted one of those cats for so long. Are all of them like that? Because of their breed?