22 March 2011

A Super-Sunrise

This past weekend there was a lot of talk about the supermoon. I had every intention of viewing it, but got caught up laundry and before I knew it the magic moment had passed. I hear it was beautiful, and lived up to its name. I felt like I missed out on something big, that is, until...

Monday morning. I pulled on the street and saw this glowing in front of me. I spent the rest of my drive trying to capture its awesomeness with my camera and saying "wow" out loud to myself a number of times. Had the earth moved closer to the sun? Why am I not being singed to bits? Did the tectonic plates shift and now my continent is located where the African plain used to be?  It looked that big, that red, and that beautiful you guys!

The super-sunrise

Did you get to see the supermoon or a super-sunrise this week?


  1. i kind of saw the super moon at a soccer game. my husband pointed it out. i read your "about me" and i think it's really cool that you work with international students. what an awesome job. i lived in spain for a year and always thought it would be cool to do what our director did.

  2. That's so great, Courtney! Yes, we love it. Where in Spain did you live?