28 March 2011

Weekend Update| March 28, 2011

My Dad and I at Benihanas

This weekend update is brief. Great for me because it means my weekend was relatively uneventful (and I like that sometimes) but not so good for blogging purposes. I'll stick to my guns and update you none the less. Despite large amounts of down time I was able to have a bit of a social life, which is exciting. Ever since we got married our social life has really taken a hit, so getting together with friends and family is always a welcomed event.

On Saturday we got together with my dad at Benihanas. It was my first time at that particular franchise, and I have to say I was quite impressed. So many hibachi places overload their grill with soy sauce. So much so that you can't taste the flavor of the food, just salt. Benihanas does not adulterate their food in this way. It was great to hang out and catch up with my dad. He's a motivational speaker and spends a good bit of time on the road. He and my step-mom are headed to Hawaii this week for a month-long vacation! I'm so excited for them but will miss getting together. No doubts about that.

Note: The old couple in the photo and their family not pictured are from China. The grandparents now live in Toronto and the kids in Hong Kong. It was so much fun to hang out with them and welcome them to the tourist capital of the world! Their little girl was going to Disney World for the first time ever after the meal!

Nate setting up the hookah

On Saturday night, our buddy Nate came over for a little dinner, a little discussion, and a little hookah. Nate shares our affinity for all things Middle Eastern. We really enjoy talking about current events (he had just gotten back from a protest and fundraiser for Libya) and is a fellow believer that enjoys discussing theology and philosophy. Pretty much he's an awesome guest to have over. Both he and John smoke hookah, so we all headed outside for a lovely evening on the patio passing the hose around. I don't smoke hookah much, I blog...

Sunday we went to church and I cooked. I cooked my little heart out. I have tons of ammunition for the week, so get ready for some awesome recipes! Sunday is our rest day, and we did a lot of resting. And cooking, did I mention that? ;-)

What did you do this weekend? And, if you're married, did you find that your social activities decreased after you tied the knot?


  1. Hannah, that is so interesting that you do most of your cooking on the weekends. I may have to try that idea out. How many do you normally cook? How do you calculate left overs and lunches? I'm always curious to hear what other couples do as far as meal organization. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I'm overwhelmed by it.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!I spent mine cleaning, planning a bridal shower with an old friend from college, and relaxing (I did a lot of reading in bed!)

    I'm glad to hear someone else say that their social life took a hit after getting married ... I feel like I'm so boring now (which I totally don't mind, but sometimes it brings conversations to a grinding halt -- "What's new with you?"... "um, nothing... just happily chugging along.") I'd really *like* to start up either a book club or monthly dinner party tradition with my friends. Perhaps this can be a spring goal... to get the ball rolling :)

  3. Yummm I miss going to hibachi places, for some reason, I can't find them up in DC!

    I'm not married yet, but since my fiance and I moved to DC and got engaged, we're not as socially active. I guess it all comes down to the fact that we work so much during the week that on weekends, we'd rather spend time together and relax :)

  4. Yes, I really think that is the case. When I got married I thought 2 people means half the work, right? Nope, double. We both work full time and go to bed early week nights which means no social life on the weekdays. The weekends are chores and grocery shopping...and a little time to relax. I'm hoping that once kids are in the picture there will be more to do with other mom's, etc.

    Amy- so cool about the book or dinner club. Can't wait to hear about that!

  5. Social activities decline when you get married, at least that's what we've experienced. When you have a child (and we've only had one of these little things for 14 months), social activities cease to exist. Have fun now :)

  6. i seriously love hibachi. thank you for reminding me i need to go again soon!

  7. Justin- Don't scare me like that! I'm suddenly cured of my "baby fever." Good thing I can hang out with Zeb and then give him back when I want to. j/k ;-)

  8. Oh boy this thread is making me all kinds of excited for marriage and children :P

  9. Its me nate btw, still figuring out this posting comments on blogs thing.

  10. whats the flavor of Nates sheesha (the hooka)?
    we call that sheesha... my brother also bring that home he is working in qatar. i tried the apple with cinnamon..... i really dont smoke because i have asthma.

  11. Feiane- It was strawberry. I don't smoke it much either...if I do I notice that the following day I have trouble catching my breath. It's more a man thing anyhow. :)

    I'm actually writing a post about hookah right now. :)