11 April 2011

Oranges and Cinnamon

This is so simple I can't even call it a recipe. It's really more of a suggestion, or a tip. When I was overseas in Morocco I was often served this dish as a snack or after lunch dessert. It is so cool and refreshing, especially in the hot Moroccan villages. The first time it was served I thought it was the strangest idea. But the flavor convinced me that strange was actually brilliant!

Next time you need a pretty and healthy snack to serve that's one step above "here, I chopped up some fruit for you" try quartering an orange, or peeling it and slicing it up so they look like pretty flowers. Arranged them on a plate and sprinkle well with cinnamon. Serve while cool.

On another note, the lovely lady of My Beautiful Life has been so sweet to give me the one lovely blog award. Thank you so much, it was just the encouragement I needed as I continue to push and grow this space into one that shows the real me.

It states that I need to link back (done), tell 7 things about myself, and award 15 other awesome bloggers and alert them so they can claim their award. 

Here's 7 things about me. Give me a shout down in those comments if you can relate at all!

1. I think how people care for their hands and nails tells a lot about them. That is why they are one of the first things I notice when I meet someone new.

2. My all-time biggest pet peeve is people in customer service positions that feel that it is not in their job description to serve you.

3. I drive a 1996 Honda Civic. Duct tape is holding the visors together. I will keep it until it dies.

4. One of my favorite bands is the Bee Gees. I always forget this, until they come on the radio and I'm screaming with excitement.

5. I had my first kiss at age 13 with a boy named Thomas Will. After seeing a movie in the theater I ran up to him, kissed him, and ran out of the theater.

6. I didn't own an iPod until 1.5 years ago. 

7. I like to try and belly dance when I'm home alone and no one will see me.

Award 15 other bloggers. I most certainly will! I've met some awesome people along the way. Check out the following lovely ladies and be sure to show them some blog love!

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Thanks again My Beautiful Life. You're too kind.


  1. very cool Hannah! Your blog is very enjoyable. I just recently bought a water that was flavored orange and cinnamon. Yum! Great idea with the oranges themselves. :)

  2. I'm intrigued by this orange and cinnamon combo! Plus I love that the display is so pretty and looks exotic. :)

    And thanks for bestowing me with my first blog award! Hmmm, seven things.....

  3. Sooooo trying oranges and cinnamon! Thanks for the tip!

  4. the oranges and cinnamon look delicious, anything is better with cinnamon!!

  5. Hi Hannah!

    Thank you for the award! You are too kind :)

    I will have to try the oranges with cinnamon soon, hope it keeps me cool this summer.

  6. thank you so much, hannah! this is my second lovely blog award, so as you can guess, i'm pretty excited! thank you again for thinking of me. i think your blog is lovely, too. well-deserved award!

    p.s. the bee gees rock! and that's a great snack tip that i'll have to try. never thought to put cinnamon and oranges together...

  7. Thank you! You are so sweet! And I am going to have to try those oranges. I never had them while I was in Morocco.

  8. PS: I drive a 1998 Honda Civic :) The bumper is cracked and so is the front headlight. But it drives like a champ!

  9. Yummm...oranges and cinnamon. It's the combinations that sound just very irritating that are the best!

  10. ooohh do they also add some sugar to oranges? I'll have to give it a try...

  11. I have never put cinnamon on my oranges before.....this is brilliant. Thank you!! Off to cut up some oranges =)

  12. Oranges and cinnamon is something used in Italy too, especially down south. They're soo good and the smell is great!

  13. That sounds so yummy! And so easy. Thanks for the tip.

    I frequently forget about the bee gees too, but man they rock.

  14. I just bought some oranges this weekend at the farmer's market.. I think I'll try this out tonight actually!

  15. Awww!! Thanks for the award!! So nice of you!!

  16. By the way, my hands are nasty (I bite my nails).... Please don't judge me!!

  17. my first blogger award, eeeek! thanks, hannah! :)

    the bee gees OMG. LOVE them! when i hear the opening bars to 'more than a woman' my insides go a little crazy! :)

  18. Oranges & cinnamon sounds perfect-- they're two of the most comforting scents to me separately, and I imagine that together they are twice as good :) ... And they're beautiful, so it's a total win-win.

    I loved your list-- number 5 is awesome! I wasn't daring enough to so something like that... and consequently, I didn't get my first kiss until I was 16 ;)

    Finally, thank you so much for the blog award-- I am flattered & thrilled to pieces! I think your blog is absolutely wonderful (I've learned a lot from you all ready!) The award is well deserved. Congratulations, friend!

  19. Amy and All- it should probably be noted that though I kisses a boy at 13 DOES NOT mean that I was promiscuous at this age or any age after. lol.

  20. Orange and Cinnamon - can't wait to try it!! Especially since it's so easy and looks so pretty. Loved learning more about you and I totally agree with your pet peeve. Makes me crazy too!

  21. Hmmm Orange and Cinnamon...

    For the longest time I had duct tape as my back window after my car {1999 Honda accord} got broken in. It took me a few months to save up the money to fix it. I love duct tape!!

  22. thanks for the introduction to all of these great blogs!

    i am the SAME about noticing people's hands first!! too funny.

  23. Oh my goodness. How did I miss this? Probably because I only saw oranges in the pic! I loved reading this about you.
    I especially love #3. I feel the same way. I'm waiting to have a huge cake with pink candles when my wagon hits 200,000. I only have another 40,000 to go. :)

    #5 Totally cracked me up! Love it !