09 June 2011

The ABC's of Me

I love to sing...although I'm not known for it. I like to sing in my car.

I've seen these ABC's on a couple blogs lately and thought I would play along. I'm a little nervous that there's some obscure blog rule out there saying that things like this can only be posted on Fridays, as that's when I typically see them. But another thing you should know about me is that I'm a notorious rule breaker...

Here's a couple little things about me, along with some photos that say a lot about who I am.

John and I with our friend Ali at a dinner/discussion group we had about the nature of truth.

A. Age:  24
B. Bed size:  Queen
C. Chore you hate:  Washing cars. Actually I hate all chores. My husband does most of them in exchange for amazing meals and desserts!
D. Dogs:  Nada. Never.
E. Essential start to your day:  Peanut Butter
F. Favorite color:  At the moment? Coral. Traditionally the award goes to red.
G. Gold or silver:  I like the silver jewelry you find overseas…it’s all banged and worked…
H. Height:  5'5
I. Instruments you play: The nose guitar.
J. Job title:  Office Manager, usually that title weirds me out as I still feel like a kid in so many ways. It’s crazy that other adults see me as an adult responsible enough to managing stuff.
K. Kids:  None as of yet…hopefully in a few years. We would like 2 of our own and 2 adopted.
L. Live:  Orlando, FL

Me hamming it up the day before my wedding...

M. Mom’s name:  Aven. Which is my grandma’s name (Neva) backwards. Neva is my middle name.
N. Nicknames: 
Hannah Banana.
Hannah Montana (ugh!).
Hannah Banana Berry
Banana Berry
Hannah Bear
Pooh Pear
O. Overnight hospital stays:  Never.
P. Pet peeve: Bad customer service. Apathy. People who litter. Heavy breathers. Gum smackers.
Q. Quote from a movie/show:  "
Hey, man, my friend doesn't wanna fight, all right? But he also doesn't wanna be addressed with disparaging colloquial expressions... that imply some sort of genetic or cultural inferiority... or that are simply used out of some form of inappropriate ethnocentrism."- Bo Barret, Bottle Shock
R. Righty or Lefty:  Righty

One of my old Facebook profile pics. I always choose stupid photos like this for myself instead of pics of me.

S. Siblings:  One younger brother. 3 step sisters. 1 step brother. 2 brothers in law. 2 sisters in law. 2 siblings in heaven that never made it into the world. 
T. Time you wake up:  7:00-7:10 
U. Underwear:  What about it? Do I wear it? Yes. I wear what some may call “comfortable cotton granny panties.” I say comfort before fashion when it comes to the southern regions. 
V. Vegetables you dislike:  I like all vegetables. I’m not a huge fan of your basics though- broccoli, carrots, and peas. 
W. What makes you run late:  Waking up next to a hot man.

My friend Jeremy and I acting the fool. He really eggs me on.

X. X-rays you’ve had:  My lungs, my teeth, and my wrist when I broke it in elementary school.
Y. Yummy food you make: Lots of things. Not to brag, but cooking is one of my gifts. So most things I make turn out very yummy.

Z. Zoo animal favorite:  I’ve only been to a zoo one or two times. I like ostriches….they are one of the most stupid looking animals on the planet.


  1. You're so cute! And if there are rules on the blog post, break them.

    I really enjoyed this post, Hannah.

  2. Love this! I too dislike littering and have the same view about veggies ;)

  3. Honestly, I squealed in delight when I saw this in my google reader this morning -- so glad you rebelled & posted it today :) I loved this, and getting to "know you" a little better! (I've had an "ABC's post in my drafts for a while... may have to finish & publish it soon...)

  4. What a fun post!!! Hmmm veggies...broccoli is my favorite though. ;) And love the picture of you and your friend. Way too funny. Instantly made me laugh!!! :)

    Have a perfect day!

  5. aww i loved this!! it was fun to learn more about you -and all of your fun nicknames - this was a cool post!

  6. this is awesome! im glad you did it because it was fun to learn more about you!!!!! and your mom's name is clever!!! how cool :-) and of course peanut butter is the perfect start to ANYONE's day (ok...or at least mine too!). Have a graet day!

  7. It is so great to know you better. Great post!

  8. i can honestly say yours has been my favorite ABCs i've read. aaand i actually read it all the way through. your pictures cracked me up and the fact that peanut butter is your go-to in the morning. oh how i wish we were real life friends.

  9. I love these posts because its always fun getting to know the bloggers behind the blogs i adore :o)

  10. this is so fun! nice to know more about you :)

  11. love this post. I will make my own tomorrow.

  12. Your photos are hilarious! I love finding out that you have stuff in common with other blogger - I play the nose guitar too! Should we start a band?

  13. Hey thanks everyone!

    Meghan- The other day I nose guitared "Ashokan Farewell" for someone...

    I can't understand for the life of me why the tune didn't sound familiar to them. ;)

  14. i busted a gut over your hamster pic!

    and basing your favorite zoo animal on how stupid they look? that's how i picked my husband! just kidding... ;o)

    fun post!

  15. interesting! "W" made me laugh lol

  16. Hannah, how are you?? I've been MIA for a while and hadn't stopped by your blog for a bit...
    I LOVE this post, great idea! I might have to copy you :)


  17. hooray! i did the same ABC's of me awhile back on my own blog


  18. super fun! i enjoyed reading about you! my fav color is also always red - but the last few years orange has superseded it! you may have inspired me to do a post like this too!

  19. I LOVE the movie Bottle Shock!!! I had heard over and over about that wine while I lived in France (they are still upset about it, ha!) and watched the movie on Netflix. Chateau Montelena has a boutique at the St. Francis in San Francisco, but I'm still itching to visit them in Napa :)

  20. U are so pretty in bluuue!
    And u can talk morrocan arabic oh :o
    Thank you for your sweet comments!

  21. Hi, you are so funny (in a good way!) and I love the blue dress. Thanks for your sweet comment on my s'mores brownies guest post at ValSoCal!

  22. This is such a fun little read. You always crack me up!

    p.s. Really liked that movie quote.

  23. This made me laugh :D it was nice getting to know your ABCs!