31 August 2011

We Are All Connected

Good morning, everyone. I saw this video over on Four Leaf Clover yesterday and really loved it. And even though I'm not a huge "I am connected with this tree" kind of person, I wholeheartedly believe that what we do, and the choices we make will have either a positive or negative effect on others, and our environment. Check it out, it's less than a minute long...

I thought this video and the idea that we are all connected also had special meaning today because I really feel like that applies to the blogging world as well. Everything I read, every post that encourages or inspires influences what I write here on the blog. So many of you put out a lot of creative, positive, and hopeful energies out into the web, and as I take them all in they morph into their own new thing here in my little blog space. Cool, huh?

Yesterday, the lovely lady writing at My Beautiful Life connected to me in a very sweet way- by awarding me and some others the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks you so much, I'm honored! I connected with My Beautiful Life months and months ago...we connected over a mutual passion for watching Rick Steves' videos and a love for travel. She's really a lovely blogger and truely a versatile blogger!

To receive the award one must share 7 things about them...easy enough, right?...

1. My middle name is Neva. Which is my grandma's name. My mother's name is Aven, that's Neva spelled backwards. So I kind of got a two for one with my middle name.

2. I wear the same black running shorts and pink wicking tee every single Saturday because it is comfortable.  When PMSing, I frequently cry about this fact because I feel like I've lost all my young spunk and sexiness.

3. I have too many moles and freckles to count. We did count 61 just on my back! But I love them. They make make my body completely different than anyone elses, and I love how they look on my back and shoulders. I only have 2 ugly ones, and I wish I could get them removed.

4) I add chocolate chips to my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

5) I hate brushing my teeth. But I do it anyways, twice a day. But if there was one thing I could not do and get away with it...that would be it.

6) I worked in a dry cleaners for close to six years and it was the best job I ever had. If it didn't pay so little I would still be doing it. It's my dream job.

7) This morning I'm drinking a smoothie that looks like this...
...but it tastes like the berries in Captain Crunch Berries cereal.

In addition to my facts, I am supposed to pass it on to 15 other bloggers. Since I like to break the rules and I want the award to be even more special, I want to pass it on to 5....

1. Four Leaf Clover- for posting so many cool things (like that video) and sharing your heart for animals and the environment. You are so cool.

2. Vanisha's Life in Fiji- for posting beautiful pictures of Fiji and having a heart thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big for kids and education!

3. Amy Around the Corner- for posting about anything under the sun, being real and genuine, and accomplishing your goals.

4. Alkeemi- for posting awesome pictures and posts about Indian culture and design. I LOVE IT!

5. Half & Half- for making me laugh out loud (literally) every time I read your blog.


  1. Yay! Awesome award! I always love reading your blog and it's so fun to connect to people all around the country! Also, that video was awesome and made me tear up a bit - especially when the monkey is looking around at the forest on fire!! So sad.

  2. Hannah, you are so sweet :) I'm so glad that I 'found you', and I look forward to reading all your new posts. I have learned a lot of really neat things from you! (Like today: that video is fantastic... a great reminder!)

    I loved your 7 things, too!

  3. Yay for you, Hannah! And well-deserved. I really love reading these kinds of posts because we get to find out those little details and quirks about the blogger that we would not have otherwise known. The way you feel about brushing is the way I feel about flossing! And doing my hair!

  4. I can't wait to check out those blogs! The people I've *met* are definitely the best part of blogging!

  5. Great Award! love the 7 things about you!

  6. Agree that we are all connected.
    Congratulation for your award. Great post to know more about you. :)

  7. hannah! thank you so much!!
    i can't believe you hate brushing those beautiful teeth of yours! i would be obsessed and brush them every chance i get. then i would always smile and tell people to love me because i have pretty teeth. because you do, and you should.
    aaaaaand sorry for being so obsessed with your teeth. i SWEAR i'm not a creep.

  8. Ahh I loved that video :-) but then I am kind of one of those tree hugger types! I loved it when the monkey had his hands on his head, so cute!


  9. I LOVE your middle name. that post definitely touched me too...she's a cool gal that eva :)

  10. This is so exciting! Thank you so much Hannah :) Your middle name is so beautiful and has so much sentiment to it - I HATE my middle name! <3

  11. Thanks. Yea. I have a great time with them. :)

  12. congratulations to all the winners!


  13. congrats on the award!

    and im in love with the video you posted! i actually dont care for when people think humans are above animals and nature because i feel like God put us all on this planet with a purpose.

    and your middle name is special i think :) my great grandma's name is my middle name. i love it b/c it has meaning!

  14. I am refraining from commenting on your Giveaway post because I already get Cooking Light (Christmas gift from my Mama :) and am excited for another lucky commenter! A fantastic gift that really does keep on giving!

    Congratulations again on reaching 200 (and now more!) followers!

    You are awesome, Hannah :)

  15. Thank you SO much, Hannah! This was such an amazing surprise! I'm honored and smiling and it's all thanks to you. Just that you shared the video was awesome enough, but then to pass the award on to me and include those kind words... Thank you! :)

  16. Number 2, 3, and 6 cracked me up! P.S. I really need to get on here more often, I did not realize you had posted this!

    Hope you have a great weekend!