07 November 2011

We're Back From the Beach!

Good morning guys and gals! We've made it back from our lovely week-long vacation and boy was it amazing! A whole week of nowhere to be, no one demanding our time or attention, and more eating than is socially acceptable.

I want to specially thank all the wonderful ladies that filled in for me while I was away. You had some awesome posts and I'm so glad you got to share them with my readers. I hope that many of you went to check out their blogs...they really are wonderful!

Here's a little sneak peak of some pictures to come. Our cruise was re-routed last minute to the Eastern Caribbean to ensure calmer seas and better weather. Our ports changed from Grand Cayman and Cozumel to St. Maarten and Tortola. Both were lovely islands, and we really enjoyed exploring.

The shots pictured here were from Castaway Cay, that's Disney's private island. We loved it. Probably our favorite port since the food was free, the water was super clear, and we snuck in some good snorkel time there. 

I really missed you all and thought about you often (well, as often as one thinks about home while on a vacation away from reality...) But when I did think about it, you all were there! I hope you had a great week last week.

Question of the Day:
What were you up to last week? Fill me in on your life!

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