01 February 2012

The Healing Power of Vegetables

                                                                           Source: health-heaven.tumblr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

Remember this post back in September? I know! I had forgotten about it, too. It's been months and I haven't updated you on how it's going and the changes we're seeing.

For all who are new to my blog, in September John and I tried a little experiement. John had chronic heartburn and we started to wonder if cutting out meat, dairy, and processed foods could heal him. We started out on a vegan diet, and instantly saw his daily heartburn pain subside. 

After a few months we found what worked for us. We didn't like a completely vegan diet. Though about 50% of our weekly intake of food is still vegan, our day in and day out diet fits a little more comfortably into the "vegetarian" team. When people ask, though, I usually say "plant-based" since there are times when we are served meat or make it on rare occasion and will eat it...which people are very quick to jump on us for, but c'est la vie, right? You have to be happy and comfortable with what you do, and no one else's opinion matters.

                                                                                Source: thinisalwaysbetter.tumblr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

I had read about and heard personal accounts of how a plant-based diet could cure you of things, but wasn't sure I really believed it until I saw for myself.  Here's some changes we've noticed in the last 5 months of plant-based eating and picking up a routine of exercise. The changes I found in myself were completely unexpected!

No more heartburn!
Lost weight
Teeth and gums are much healthier
No more afternoon fatigue
Major decrease in back pain

The heart palpitations I dealt with on a daily basis? GONE.
The wart I had had under my thumbnail since elementary school? GONE
No more afternoon fatigue
Teeth and gums are much healthier
No more constipation (which was an issue at times before)
Healtier and faster growing nails
Little to no back pain
I've only thrown out my neck once (and it healed in a day instead of being down for a week like usual)

It has seriously been a life-changer. And there's no turning back, not when we see so many results! To think, I used to take heart medication for years to help regulate my heartbeat, and all I really needed were some vegetables! If I would have known that, I would have done this years ago. And now John no longer takes Prilosec every single day, instead he starts off his day with a smoothie! :)

Coming up soon: How veggies changed my parent's health. This story will BLOW YOU AWAY!

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