17 February 2012

Strong O-Pen-ions

So, it dawned on me yesterday that I'm a little bit of a nerd. You guys might have already picked up on that, but I was completely unaware! I noticed that as soon as I got in the office I started to anticipate the delivery of my office supply order from the day before. Why? These guys....

That's right. The Pilot G-2 gel pen! Previously we had always ordered the Uni-ball Signo RTs, but I really got fed up with the scratchiness of the ink (never comes out right and leaves blank spot on your words) and the fine point of them. I just can't write well with them.

These work much better, the gel is much more thick and you get a nice thick line. Perfection!

The only thing better would be these..

Oh baby! The Paper-mate Profile Ball-point! I'm not sure it gets much better. The great thing about this pen is the ball-point. Gel is always needing time to dry and increases the smear factor. Me no likey.

I realize that to some of you, a post about pens may seem absurd. But to the rest of you...it's genius!

I know you have a favorite pen too....what's it like? Gel pen, ball-point, fine-tipped sharpie pens (also a favorite!), fine point? You tell me. Are you loyal to a certain pen brand or even ink color?

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