23 November 2010

Must-Haves for a Happy Kitchen

      Simplicity is my keyword for life. I live by the rule of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and "let's wait 5 years until the *insert new technology* is at an affordable price."  Generally, any one item that costs more than 40 dollars to purchase makes me double take. And often times I sit on those decisions for days until I'm sure it's a wise choice. There are, however, some luxuries that I don't hesitate on...usually they belong in the kitchen. Here are some high-priced essentials that, if you ask me, you should run out any buy right away if you don't have them already.

#1 Williams-Sonoma Vanilla
Purchase @ Williams-Sonoma

#2 Le Creuset
Also available at Williams-Sonoma, TJ Maxx, or a Le Creuset Outlet

#3 Quality Saffron

#4 A Moroccan Tagine
You can find Moroccan-made online. If you visit, BUY ONE. Do not leave the country without a handmade tagine.

#5 A Pretty Apron
Available for purchase on Etsy


  1. I love this! Especially the apron (obviously)! And I don't know that I've EVER cooked with saffron...just saying!

  2. Lol...well, you better get some so when you do get a recipe that calls for it you have the goods! ;) Hope you are having a lovely day!

  3. I also love the apron :) What exactly do you do with the tagine? And can you share a recipe with us that involves saffron? I'm curious now!

  4. Yes, I will be sure to post on both in the coming days. As for the tagine... check back today, all shall be made clear.