22 December 2010

Setting A Holiday Table

Oh, where to begin? It has been lifetimes since I last posted, all for good reason. Finally finishing up my last semester of my Bachelor's degree, I'm settling into normal "adult" life and haven't had a chance to post until right now, the week after classes end!

I understand that these (awesome) photos of my family Thanksgiving are very belated but perhaps they will give some inspiration for this next holiday that is swift approaching....Christmas! So roll with it. Imagine these photos colored in red and green instead of Thanksgiving-y earth tones and make yourself a happy holiday table.

The essentials:
-Mood lighting (dimmer switch, candles, reflective centerpieces)
-Something with life (flowers, plants, succulents, live farm animals... ;) )
-Mix and match patterns and textures (linens, flowers, serving dishes)
-Use the something old instead of the something new (a plate from Grandma or glasses from Aunt Sue)

Lastly, I can't stress enough the importance (I think) of posing with your table. The ladies of the house worked hard, all day- decorating, cooking, slaving, sweating (but still looking gorgeous), so capture the memory of the final product on film to remember forever!

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