06 March 2011

Weekend Update | March 6

This weekend officially felt like spring which, in Florida, means "summer." To take advantage of yet another weekend with blue skies I spent Saturday morning in my garden and the day at the beach.

When I opened the curtains to step out to the porch this morning I found this little guy snoozing on my patio furniture. He's a neighborhood cat and he loves this chair. I guess we're the only ones with comfortable patio chairs...

My garden is coming along well. Not only have my red bell peppers started to grow, but I have three promising growths on my green pepper plant as well. My tomatoes are still having some issues. It is growing like a weed and full of blossoms but I'm afraid the leaf miners may be delaying fruit growth. I bought two yellow marigolds and planted them in the pot to deter future pests and am keeping my fingers crossed that tomatoes start to grow soon. Also, I bought a lovely salmon-colored gerbera daisy plant as well. It is a very colorful addition to all the green veggie and herb plants I have going.

It was a perfect day for the beach and many others thought so too. It was so much fun to watch all the families there- little kids in bright colored hats running after seagulls and such. In the last couple weeks we picked up an umbrella and some comfy chairs and oh, how they've changed the overall experience. It was awesome to lay on the beach and nap without risking skin cancer or sand in my pants.

Today after church we went over to our friend's house for Iranian kabab. You may remember them from a previous post. Hooman and Viyan are about to have their first child and I attended their baby shower a few weeks ago. As always, we had a wonderful time catching up with them, checking out their beautiful nursery and enjoying all their goodies shipped in from their family overseas. Hooman is a master griller and Viyan made a side of basmati rice flavored with tumeric and yogurt sauce with raisins, walnuts, and mint. (Hope to have a Persian cooking lesson up here soon.) Of course, I couldn't help taking these pics..

Now, I'm waiting for my taco soup to finish simmering so we can get our eat on. We're watching one of my favorite movies tonight- Last of the Mohicans! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. What did you do?

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  1. This looks like a lovely weekend! I just planted a little herb garden for my balcony, I can't wait for them to sprout!