21 April 2011

Homegrown Tomaters

Ready for pickin'.

Guess what?! We harvested our first homegrown tomater last night! I can't begin to tell you how great it felt to eat something you grew with a little water and sunshine. It tasted like a rainbow (but not at all like skittles.)

We have two other tomatoes starting to turn and about 10 green ones that are still growing. The plant will have paid for itself once we eat two more! We are so excited about saving money, eating healthy (they are all organic) and getting in touch with our agricultural ancestry!

My red bell pepper is finally starting to turn red which means I'll be frying that up in a fajita before I know it. Seriously, if you haven't ever considered doing a little container veggie garden I highly recommend doing so. It's fun and helps save money! And you know exactly what you putting in your body...no chemicals here, just that which mother nature intended! (For start up ideas check out Urban Organic Gardener.)

Juicy and flavorful.


Also, sweet sweet Selma at Crazy Little World of Mine awarded me the Stylish blogger award. My response is the same as hers, "I'm stylish?" I propose that my blog is definitely stylish, but its blogger, not so much. Either way, I sincerely appreciate you thinking of me, Selma, and think you are wildly stylish as well! If you haven't checked out her blog be sure too, it's great! (And it will make you giggle.)

Link back, tell 7 things, pass it on!

I have already mentioned 7 things about me in this post, but am happy to dig around my brain for 7 more. I'm trying to go real deep this time around...

1. Two things I will never understand or accept about the world and the people in it is racism and the need for war.

2. I failed the 2nd grade and was held back a year. I graduated high school at age 19...a good two years older than most my peers.

3. My biggest struggle in my faith is how a good God can let bad things happen. But through the years I've watched him turn every heartache I've had into strength and song. The more heartache the less I struggle with the issue.

4. I have re-occurring dreams that I try to speak and I can't because my mouth is full of cement. I've been told that this could be my subconscious dealing with the frustration of not being heard or being talked over. (I have a small voice that just doesn't reach very far.)

5. In the midst of crisis my first instinct is fight not flight. When I go into fight mode the most obscene things come out of my mouth without thinking so that I can be domineering despite my small physical stature.

6. When I'm in my home I don't like to wear a whole lot of clothing. My roommates would find me walking through the house naked, or almost, a number of times...this always resulted in a lot of laughter and a code that we would scream when bringing guests home so none of us would be caught in our skivvies.  "Peacocks, put on your feathers!"

7. My favorite past-time is people watching.

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  1. first of all, i am beyond impressed by your gardening skills! i've tried to keep some herbs alive on our patio, and failed. those tomatoes look so delicious... and are so much more awesome because you grew them yourself!

    second, you are so sweet to think of me for this post! you have absolutely made my day. i'll be emailing you soon...

  2. i would like to grow a basil plant. I hear they're very easy to take care of and smell yummy!

  3. Ruth- You deserve it! And yes, herbs can be finicky. My cilantro looks horrible (so bad I'm going to have to uproot it)and my mint is stringy and bald.

    Very married- Basil is fun! I have had the most luck with oregano and rosemary. They are growing like weeds and very hearty without me having to do much.

  4. Awwww...you are so welcome girl. I totally agree with your #1, and I graduated HS with 19 too (but I went to a weird HS that kinda made us all graduate late, etc). And watching people never gets old. Looooooove it.

    Oh, I started "growing" my own herbs (about three so far)...and am considering tomatoes too. ;)


  5. Thanks so much for dubbing me stylish! I actually don't think I am either. :) I hear you on #1 and #2. I'm sure your husband likes #6 (wink, wink). :)

    Also I am very jealous about the tomatoes. There's not much room on a balcony for growing much, but I am thinking about herbs for the summer.

    Thanks again for the mention!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to grow tomatoes but right now, I just have a herb garden :)

  7. thanks for your comment on my Shades of Spring post! it IS so neat to see everyone's take on each colour and point of view.
    I just looked around your blog a bit- it's so cute. the wedding photos below are beautiful!


  8. oh my goodness- congrats on your first harvest! So exciting! We've got our garden started and I just can't wait till we get some goods and actually get to make dinner with ingredients from it.

    Congrats on your award too!

  9. I am so jealous! Our apartment balcony faces north and basically has no good sun exposure. I seriously dream of having like an awesome garden someday and I want to grow my own tomatoes! So exciting!!

  10. that's so great you already have tomatoes! ours our still working on their flowers!

  11. what a perfect tomato!
    Isn't it wonderful producing your own food? There's something so soulful about it.
    Gorgeous blog : )

  12. I am a new follower!!

    Great blog! Feel free to pop by mine to say hello!!

  13. Congratulations on the tomato :) Homegrown tomatoes are the best... I always liked to tell people I thought they tasted like sunshine, hehe.

    And I loved your 7 things... I'm totally with you on #7 ;)

  14. Mmmmm tomato looks delicious! And congrats on being a stylish blogger. : D

  15. I wish i was back in junior high when my family had a tomato, strawberry, raspberry and boysenberry garden. Oh and chili's too. Mmm delicious.
    Thanks for yhe nomination!! I feel fancy now! Haha you rock.

  16. I am exactly like you on #5! Small stature, but a big ole' bark - I do try my best not to bite though ;)

    And #6 had me LOL-ing! I'm the same way, but never had roommates so unfortunately have no hilarious codewords to share.

    And congrats on your successful gardening. I agree with you - there is nothing like growing your own produce. Even if it's in a container - that's what I do every year on our little 2nd floor balcony. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce... it's been 4 years and I'm still surprised at all the options I have for growing in such a small, non-green space!

  17. Nothing like reaping the fruits of your labor, eh? (c: That is so awesome, I'm a complete failure at anything that needs to be cared for (except my children, thank heavens!) and have killed more than my fair share of green things! Congrats on the award, from what I can see it is well deserved...loved reading the re-cap of your wedding, so sweet!

  18. Congrats on the tomato! I'm jealous that you can grow them already then again I live up North and it still feels like winter here.

    My mom and I usually plant tomatoes and herbs in our backyard every summer. My favourite herb to plant is mint..for my mojitos :)

  19. hi hannah
    my name is chrissy from the love everywhere blog. thanks for you comment on my daughters b-day. just the fact that you care tells me you are going to be a great mother to your own kids and maybe some others as well. Bless you lady. i loved looking at your blog i love to garden too!! i wish it was warm enough here to grow tomatoes now. i'm jealous

  20. The maters look wonderful!!!! :) Your gardening like a Carolina girl!

    I haven't got my plants started yet, but I'm planning on doing squash, tomato, and pepper. I did squash and pepper last year and I didn't realize the size the mature squash plant would be and it wound up growing onto my driveway! I had to park my car in a different place to not run over it! I probably got about 30 squash from the one plant. The pepper yielded maybe 10-15. I also have rosemary, oregano (coming out the yingyang), thyme, lemon balm, and basil. I cant wait to make a margarita pizza with my own tomato and basil this summer!!

    Keep up the great work, wish I could have a good ol mater sandwich right now! Maters, and mayo yum! :)

  21. There is nothing better than garden tomatoes! Thanks for visiting my blog! The flowers were from a wedding I worked over the weekend. They let us take them home after :) I wish I was talented enough to make my own.

  22. Polyvorina- I know! I'm always shocked at how much I can grow (or attempt to grow) and all the space I still have. Especially when you start hanging things.

    Laura- You know it! Once you get that carolina dirt under your nails the maters just obey! :)

    Abby- I want a job where I get fresh flowers and candies as a thank you. ;)

  23. You are awesome!! I really need to start growing veggies =)

  24. I just work as a server for a catering company. So nothing glamourous... but it is nice when we get little treats like that!... I think the urban garden thing is awesome! The crazy amount of trees here in ga block all the sunlight in out apt. which makes me sad because I love fresh tomatoes and herbs. Oh well-I'll add that to my every growing someday list :) I love your blog btw!

  25. Awesome tomato!!!! We want to start a small garden on the porch, when we get one (a porch that is). Cilantro actually does not like warm weather. The guy at whole foods actually told me not to waste my money because in our climate, unless you grow it in the refrigerator, it is going to die in this heat and humidity.
    Actually when we buy cilantro we chop off the bottom a bit and put it in a glass of water covered loosely with a plastic bag, and it lives like that for about 2-3 weeks! That way I don't waste my 45 cents spent on the bunch! and I use it a lot!

  26. Wow, thanks so much! This is very exciting!

  27. Growing your own food is so exciting!! What a beautiful tomato. Loved learning more about you too!

  28. Your tomato turned out beautiful. I can't wait for my veggies to come up. I should have planted sooner.

    Oh my goodness. The comment about Peacocks put on your feathers had me laughing out loud. So many interesting little tid bits.

  29. Oh my gosh! That is so cool that you grew your own tomato! It looks delicious!

  30. Lovely to 'meet' you- and get to know you better- we love to grow andake our own food too- what a perfect tomato!