09 May 2011

Weekend Update| May 9, 2011

It's Monday again. I don't know how they get here so quickly. This morning our alarm went off at the usual 6:40 a.m. We allow ourselves to sleep through two more alarms until 7 a.m.comes and its time to get up. My beloved husband accidentally turned off the alarm this morning instead of hitting snooze. Next thing I know, my eyes are being pried open by the morning sun and the harsh reality that it was Monday...and I was late. But, by the grace of the God, I was able to get out the door on time, looking almost professional and with a packed lunch. Take that, Monday!

Clean porch!

 Our weekend was really good. How was yours? We got to spend a lot of time talking and enjoying each others company. We even sat down and read for an hour or so! I've started re-reading Princess by Jean Sasson. It is seriously one of the best books I've ever read, and I've read a good book or two in my time. Saturday morning we ran our usual errands early in the morning and then cleaned up our back porch. My tomatoes had become overrun with leaf miners and my peppers had mites so bad that their shoots were literally snapping off. It was a major garden fail. But I plan to continue on next year...more prepared for pests.

Apparently I have a knack for flowers and herbs though, my mandevilla is vining very nicely and my caladiums are ginormous!

Hot Dog Heaven

For Saturday lunch we decided to try out Hot Dog Heaven. I had a buy one get one coupon and thought that was a good enough reason to try this itty bitty hole in the wall joint. So glad I did, because it was the most delicious hot dog I've had in a while! I had no idea it was so popular. We walked in and were shocked by the line looping through the skinny restaurant waiting area. Check it out...

LONG line.

It was a 15-20 minute wait just to get to the counter, but it was so worth it! They offer Chicago-style dogs with any fixings you could possibly think of. John got the traditional dog with tomatoes, onions, relish, pickles and ketchup. I got this little beauty, my favorite hot dog in the whole wide world...

The CHILI AND SLAW DOG.  If you've ever lived in North Carolina and the surrounding areas, you know that chili and slaw go together like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jelly. It's a hot dog masterpiece, and I have yet to find a place in Florida that served it. Hot Dog Heaven does. And for that they are my new favorite restaurant in town. PERIOD. John, if you are reading this...I would like to go there and get two chili and slaw dogs for my birthday! (Am I a cheap date or what?!)

It was the perfect ending to a really perfect day. On the drive home John looked at me and said, "that was a really fun time." And I couldn't agree more. There's nothing more exciting than getting to know your town a little better, and discovering a little gem on the side of the road that you never even knew about.

And, how about that picture of a human, huh?  I took that. I think it looks pretty good! I mean, as good as a handsome man stuffing his face with a hot dog can look.I discovered through this experience that it's not so much the fear or photographing a person that scares me. It's really more the silly looks I get when I take a million pictures of a guy enjoying a hot dog that make it difficult to be confident. So I'm taking pictures of this absolutely mundane moment? What's it to you fellow "Hot Dog Heaven patron who thinks they are too cool for school"?

Beth, Cindy, and I

On Sunday we went to church (we finally picked one to settle down in after a year of church-hopping...) and then went out to lunch at Brio with my step-mom Cindy and her daughter Beth.  My mom lives in Vero Beach, and my mother-in-law lives in Virginia, so it was nice to have a mom here close to hang out with on Mother's Day! We enjoyed our time at lunch, and it was so much fun to get to see Beth who's visiting from Michigan. I'm making this month Mother's Day Month since I will be celebrating Mom's Day with my mother-in-law on Thursday and with my mom when I go down to visit on the 30th. :)

For Mother's Day I decorated a clay pot with a paint pen. I focused on Proverbs 31:31 wrote the verse on it and filled the pot with all kinds of fun scribbles. I planted some Mexican heather in it and thought that would be a nice Mother's Day gift to go with their new patio furniture they bought. Gift-giving is not in my list of love languages, so buying something to show someone I love them doesn't make sense to me. If I give a gift it has to be something I made and put thought and time into, otherwise I don't feel I've done the gift any justice and it doesn't adequately show my affections. Is anyone else like that?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. What gifts did you give for Mother's Day?


  1. Hannah - Those hot dogs look incredible... I've never heard of chili and slaw on a hot dog before, but it sounds like a combo that just makes sense :) I hope to try it some time! (We've got a couple hot dog joints here in C-bus that I haven't tried yet, but summer is the perfect time, no?)

    I love your handmade Mother's Day gift-- your mom will love it! I do not consider myself "craftily-gifted" at all, so for the most part, the gifts I give are not hand made (although I did give homemade spiced peach butter for Christmas last year...)I love to give gifts, but I find the process kind of stressful... like I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago, dinner parties are much more my love language ;)...With that in mind, this year our mothers got gift cards and jewelry-- as well as an invitation to come for family dinner in the not-so-distant future!

  2. it amazes how surprisingly good some of those hole-in-the-wall joints are!

    and handmade gifts are so treasured. i know my mom (& mother in law) just love anything handmade or photo-oriented.

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I'm getting hungry looking at your photos.

    I took my Mom to the movies for Mother's Day and I cooked steak for her for dinner.

  4. First, I love your "take that Monday!" quote. I'm totally using that sometime. Secondly, GREAT candid person shot! Woohooo! Both the dog and the person look great. Thirdly, your dress is adorable! My mom actually wanted philly cheesesteaks so we complied and took her to a restaurant called Texadelphia.

  5. You look so cute in your church pictures, I love your dress!

  6. O M G, those hot dogs look so good!
    You look so cute going to church!

  7. I'm catching up on blog reading while it is nap time.

    First of all-I love your dress! Now on to hot dogs. I love hot dogs. I prefer Hebrew National hotdogs. They are the best. And slaw on the dog? Of course! That is one of the best ways to eat them, other than the standard relish and mustard.

    Glad you had a nice mother's day lunch, and your gift sounds so sweet. P.S. My outdoor area is needing a bistro set or something. We are looking for something on craigslist at the moment. Show us pics of your flowers!

  8. I got my mom a mani and pedi gift certificate. Usually I put a little more thought into things but I know she really enjoys getting this done and it would be relaxing for her!

  9. that hotdog looks amazing! i've never had one with chili & slaw, but i'm dying to try it now :-)

  10. I'm seriously so hungry after seeing this amazing post!

  11. What a great weekend! Those hot dogs look amazing!! I would love to try one :) And only 2 alarms, I don't know how ya'll do it. I think the hubs and I like at least 4....think I am kidding?! Lol

  12. awww seems like a nice weekend - gardening, moms, and hotdogs- nice! And I love that dress you're wearing!! To answer your question, we got my husband's mom Tina Fey's book, and my mom local honey and apple butter! :)

  13. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I enjoyed hearing about your gardening - we're going to be starting one soon (well, what we can start since it's so late now) since we're buying a house so I'm trying to learn as much as possible!

  14. Wow...those dogs look deeelicious! Who would have thought?!? Glad you had a great weekend!

  15. I didn't know you could get different types of hot dog!! Looks a good weekend :) I took my Mum out for dinner for Mother's Day :)

  16. Chili slaw dog?! That looks really good! Looks like someone had a really yummy weekend!

  17. those hot dogs make me SOOO hungry!

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :-)

  18. Oh I don't like when I am late... :( And I went with mom away for a few days, and bought her a book I thought she could enjoy since she's been reading non-stop. :)

    Your weekend sounds amazing though girl. :)


  19. I want to go to Hotdog Heaven. The sign is adorable. And I love corndogs.