16 December 2011

I Work For The Big Man

Last night I was up till the wee hours of the night (10:45!!) working diligently for Santa. I had quite a task at hand when he handed me my co-workers Christmas list. Three batches of different cookies all pretty-fied in baggies and topped off with string...I was going to be up to my eyeballs in flour!

I told Santa that I really appreciated him making me an honorary elf and I asked if I could come stay up at his place for a while, just to see their kitchen in action and get a few pointers. He said he'll think about it depending on how I do with next year's list. He says it's a hefty one.

North Pole vacation or not, I got to work on my cookies. I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies, and some pecan sandies dipped in white and red sugars. A feast for the eyes (and the mouth)! Right before bed I wrapped up 13 baggies and 2 large plates in preparation for the morning.

Santa said I could deliver them all by myself tomorrow...and if you ask me that's better than any tour of the North Pole kitchen...

Question of the Day:

What goodies are you cooking up for Christmas?

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