11 March 2011

My Pepper is Ginormous!

A few weeks ago I gave you a little tour of my garden. Since then I found this great site and my brain is bubbling over with ideas for my porch. Inspired, I picked up a gerbera daisy plant and planted some bibb lettuce as well. I really do have so much space and I don't know why I'm not using it to its full potential. My next project are these soda bottle hanging planters. I hope to expand my herb garden this way.

Here's an update on my garden's progress. We had a good rain yesterday and they all looked so green and perky. I'm just beside myself with excitement and can't wait to reap my harvest and continue adding to its bounty!

My ginormous red bell pepper! In the background you can count 9 (!!) others starting...

Newly planted bibb lettuce. Can't wait to make these puppies into a salad!

Green bell peppers. This plant is looking very healthy and I expect much fruit.

Ah! Sweet success. This is one of my first tomatoes. There are about 5 growing right now...all at this stage.


  1. Oh wow! These are gorgeous!

    I am bummed I can't plant outside for another month or so, but I'll be stopping by to check on your progress.

    I love your blog, btw. So pretty.

  2. Merci, Nichole! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What progress! I'm absolutely impressed. Keep posting. You're an inspiration :)

    And, thanks also, for introducing me to the urbanorganicgardener. Cool site too!